Huawei is being kicked out of the UK

Huawei is being kicked out of the UK
The UK has passed a new law that will prohibit Telecom operators from installing new Huawei equipment as early as the end of September next year. They will also be banned from ordering hardware maintenance services from Huawei from April 2021.

The law was passed after Huawei and its 5G equipment were considered a threat to national security and privacy. The US has imposed severe sanctions on the Chinese company and forced its allies to also refuse to cooperate with it. Later, conservative MPs called for the complete removal of all Huawei equipment from the UK.

The full ban was supposed to come into force by 2027, but British operators are banned from buying new equipment from a Chinese company from January 2021. At the same time, they will be allowed to make a complete replacement of existing equipment in their base stations until September. British Telecom operators are now expected to rely on companies such as Nokia and Ericsson, which have already signed contracts since Huawei was banned.

The UK government also wants to accelerate the phasing out of older 2G and 3G technologies. In addition, a national telecommunications laboratory will be established to study security and improve interoperability between operators.
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