Huawei P50 liquid lenses provide instant focus

Huawei P50 liquid lenses provide instant focus
Fresh data from China confirms previous information that Huawei P50 series smartphones will get a camera with liquid lenses that will provide instant and accurate focus in milliseconds.

According to MyDrivers, such cameras will be launched in mass production next year. Liquid lenses are planned to be used mainly in telephoto lenses. Huawei has been known to work on liquid lens technology for some time. Back on December 25, 2019, she applied for a patent, which was published in April of this year.

Such a lens will have certain advantages, such as an extremely fast focusing speed, which is measured in milliseconds, as well as a focus accuracy of almost 100%. In lenses with conventional lenses, zooming and focusing is achieved by adjusting the distance between the two lenses. In the case of liquid lenses, they can change shape to control the image. It is also believed that this technology will provide better optical image stabilization.

This week, the first computer images of the upcoming flagship smartphone Huawei P50 Pro appeared on the Web, which were created based on images from a patent registered by Huawei.
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