Huawei P50 Pro ultra-wide camera

Huawei P50 Pro ultra-wide camera
An insider known for his leaks about Huawei smartphones has published renderings of a possible design for the Chinese company's promising flagship, the Huawei P50 Pro. The first, and clearly the most controversial option – is with the camera block in the form of a truncated circle. The second option-with the camera block at the top, the entire width of the back panel. And what you like?

As you can see, in addition to the camera unit, Huawei is also experimenting with the front panel design. So, in the first version, a cutout is provided in the center of the screen. It's certainly not as big as the iPhone, but it's not a "pill" of a pair of sensors. In the second version-just a display, bent on all four sides and no traces of the camera at all. It is probably planned to hide it under the screen.

It is still unclear which version of the P50 Pro will eventually go into the series: maybe one of these two, or maybe a completely different one. The announcement of the smartphone is still about four months away, so Huawei still has enough time to choose the most acceptable design.
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