Huawei said it is not interested in Qualcomm's 4G processors

Huawei said it is not interested in Qualcomm's 4G processors
Not so long ago, it turned out that Qualcomm received a license to supply its products to Huawei. However, not everything is so simple. Qualcomm can only supply the Chinese company with chips that do not support 5G technologies. Now it is reported that Huawei is not very interested in such cooperation.

Zhang Pingan, President of Huawei's cloud services division, said he sees Qualcomm's efforts to work with the Chinese tech giant. However, Huawei will have to consider other options for chips for use in their brand of smartphones. Huawei suppliers report that the company's orders for the production of 4G smartphones are starting to grow. However, Huawei is primarily interested in developing the 5G business.

Recall that this year, the United States banned companies that use American technologies to produce their products from supplying their products to Huawei without a special license. It has already been received by companies such as AMD, Intel, Samsung, Sony and many others. However, many of these licenses have limitations. For example, no company can supply Huawei 5G equipment.

It is reported that the Chinese company plans to build a factory in Shanghai for the production of chips that does not use American technologies. However, at the moment the company is able to establish production of only 45-nm chips. This process is extremely outdated. Note that according to the standards of the 45-nm process, the Apple A4 chip used in the iPhone 4, which entered the market in 2010, was manufactured. So there are not many alternatives to 4G chips from third-party manufacturers.
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