Intel has released Core i3-10100F

Intel has released Core i3-10100F
Without any explicit announcement, Intel ® added another representative of the 10th-generation Core ™ series, Core i3-10100F, to the list of desktop processors offered. This processor is interesting because it is the cheapest Quad-core for the LGA 1200 platform: its retail price, judging by the first offers, will be below the $100 mark.

An entry dedicated to the Core i3-10100F processor appeared today in the Intel product database posted on the site It also provides its full specifications: 4 cores and 8 threads, a base frequency of 3.6 GHz, a maximum frequency in turbo mode of 4.3 GHz, a third-level cache capacity of 6 MB and a heat package of 65 watts. In fact, the Core i3-10100F will repeat the Core i3-10100 RELEASED in April, with the only difference — the integrated graphics core is deactivated in the new version with the F index.

However, the Core i3-10100F is interesting for a completely different reason. The Junior LGA 1200 Quad-Core Core i3-10100 was priced by Intel at $122. Now a full-fledged Quad-core and eight-thread processor for the new platform can be purchased much cheaper. However, Intel has not yet announced the official price of the budget novelty.

Apparently, sales of the Core i3-10100F will begin soon. Usually between publishing information in the database and the appearance of processors on the shelves does not take much time. In addition, the new product can already be ordered in some European stores, where prices currently start at around €85 (without VAT).

Obviously, with the release of Core i3-10100F, Intel wants to further strengthen its position in the budget segment. The new chip promises to be a more affordable option compared to the Core i3-10100. The formula "4 cores, 8 threads" offered by such processors continues to be quite an interesting option for building mass systems.
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