Intel Ice Lake-U processor graphics handles 1080p gaming

Intel Ice Lake-U processor graphics handles 1080p gaming
In December, Intel promised that its upcoming 10-nm processors for ice Lake-U laptops will be equipped with integrated graphics with computing power of more than teraflops. On the eve of its key report on Computex, the company shared details that allow us to understand what this improvement will mean for real game problems.

We are talking, for example, about a 72-percent increase in performance in Counter Strike: Go or an increase in performance in Overwatch by 42 %. Upcoming 10-nm processors with built-in graphics accelerator of the 11th generation will be able to perform many games in 1080p resolution without using an external video card.

Of course, Intel figures include a number of caveats. Many of the tests are performed with low graphics settings, which may not suit some players. Also, in addition to comparative estimates, the company in most cases does not report the value of frame rate per second. But, given the well-known capabilities of modern integrated graphics, you can make a complete picture of the advantages of the new generation, providing double performance in Total War: Three Kingdoms and almost the same increase in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege.
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