Intel Xeon 4th generation processor (Sapphire Rapids)

Intel Xeon 4th generation processor (Sapphire Rapids)
At the last CES 2021 exhibition, Intel confirmed the start of production of Xeon server processors of the 3rd generation (Ice Lake-SP), and they should be widely sold in the current quarter. Meanwhile, in the live photos below, a representative of the Sapphire Rapids family, which should replace Ice Lake-SP, was lit up.

Rumors have been talking about the release of Sapphire Rapids this year, but this will not happen, since sales of Ice Lake-SP have not even started yet. Meanwhile, despite the same 10-nanometer process, Sapphire Rapids will be significantly better than Ice Lake-SP, as they will be the first Intel server CPUs with PCI Express 5.0 bus support, as well as an eight-channel DDR5 memory controller. Also, Sapphire Rapids will receive built-in HMB memory and support for the Compute Express Link 1.1 bus.

The Sapphire Rapids-SP engineering sample shown in these pictures runs at 1.3 GHz (this is normal for early samples) and is designed to fit into the new LGA4677-X connector. It's not hard to see how big the processor is.
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