iOS 14 suffers from an old Windows issue

iOS 14 suffers from an old Windows issue
Apple made a lot of changes to the interface of its mobile platform with the launch of iOS 14 a couple of weeks ago. However, users did not like all of them.

Problems with "inconsistent" interface changes and not in the places where it is required were noticed by the authoritative ZDNet resource. The source even compares this stage of development of iOS 14 with Windows, where similar problems are observed. The new and old versions of the interface are mixed up in the system. you are using the new interface, but after a couple of clicks you encounter the old interface elements.

As an example, you can use the new system for entering time using a small window instead of the old scroll wheels. Of course, the ability to enter the time from the keyboard is convenient, but for this purpose it is not necessary to make the elements small and inconvenient for touch input.

Another area of mixing the new and the old is seen in the settings app, reminiscent of the situation with the gradual disposal of the "control Panel" Windows (Control Panel). As a result, it became difficult to find some settings.
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