iPhone Xs release date leaked

According to the Italian Internet site Iphoneitalia, the date of the launch of sales of new iPhone phones already leaked. The Italian logistics company in its documents notes that on September 21 a large number of orders for new phones are expected. This company is the official partner of Apple in Italy and deals with the delivery of iPhone phones ordered in online stores.

iPhone Xs

The official presentation of Apple is scheduled for September 12. Based on past presentations, Apple gives the opportunity to pre-order immediately after the presentation, but delivery of phones can start a few weeks later.

Today we know about three new models of Apple phones: the iPhone Xs, the iPhone Xs Max and the iPhone Xc. The whole series continues to use the concepts of the iPhone X, including the body design and Face ID face scanning technology.

iPhone Xs

The model of the iPhone Xs Max will have a screen of 6.5 inches.

The model of the iPhone Xc will have a screen of 6.1 inches.
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