Kepler telescope turned off in sleep mode due to lack of fuel

Kepler telescope

NASA is forced again to switch the Kepler telescope into "sleep" mode. The mission of this spacecraft, designed to search for planets outside the Solar system, is almost complete.

Back in march, it was reported that the telescope running out of fuel. Without it, Kepler will not be able to maneuver to adjust the antennas to transmit scientific data to Earth.

In early July, NASA experts moved the telescope to "sleep" mode for the sake of fuel economy. In August the unit has resumed normal operations, began to further search for exoplanets.

As now reported, the telescope revealed problems with accurate positioning. This means that the fuel reserves are almost exhausted. The device had to be put into a" sleeping " state: it maintains a stable position without spending the remaining fuel.

On October 10, Kepler will come out of the "sleeping" mode and try to direct the antenna towards the Earth. However, NASA notes, there is a possibility that it will not be possible to get all the data.
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