KIA R. E. A. D. Interactive space in the car

KIA R. E. A. D. Interactive space in the car
KIA R. E. A. D.

The KIA Motors company has timed the exhibition of consumer electronics to coincide with the announcement of the platform for the future VEHICLES, equipped with the systems of auto-piloting.

The concept of "real-time drive"provides for the organization of trips with the adaptation to the real-time mood. The atmosphere in the interior of the robomobile will be optimized and individualized depending on the current emotional state of the motorist.

Various sensors are used to monitor the driver's condition. This, in particular, camera for recognition of facial expressions, the sensor heart rate, etc. the Analysis is carried out with application of technology of recognition of biosignals using artificial intelligence.

The developed technological solutions allow to monitor the emotional state of a person in real time and adjust the situation in the cabin on the basis of his assessment. In other words, the interior will change to create a more pleasant atmosphere during the trip.
The concept of R. E. A. D. involves the use of special sensors, capable of vibrating in time to the music. In addition, the V-Touch gesture control system is mentioned.

The platform is designed to form an interactive space in the cabin of the future. "The system will allow to establish a stable and lasting connection between the drivers and their cars with the help of a language that does not require the words of "emotional sensations". And this, in turn, will provide the opportunity to form a real — time space, focused on the individual feelings of the person", - says KIA.
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