Launch of 10-nm Intel processors may begin in April

Launch of 10-nm Intel processors may begin in April
10-nm Intel processors

A recent leak about Intel's plans the 10-nm ice Lake to replace 14-nm processors with Coffee Lake Refresh models in 2019 made us think about the company's ability to start the mass production of 10-nm processors promised earlier in 2019. This is a terrible news for fans of Intel products and the entire market, as it has already led to and leads to an even more serious shortage of processors for PCs and laptops with all the negative consequences, including an increase in prices for chips and systems based on them.

On the Bloomberg website there was a link to an analytical note of a small company BlueFin, which specializes in consulting exchange customers. According to analysts BlueFin, Intel is able to start mass production of processors with standards of 10 nm in April — six weeks earlier than expected before this date in June 2019.

BlueFin message led on Tuesday to an increase in the value of Intel shares by 5.2 % and a decrease in the value of AMD shares by 8.6 %. Behind such events may well be an attempt to hide the usual speculation on the stock exchange, so we rejoice too early. On the other hand, Intel is trying and doing everything in its power to still start mass production of 10-nm processors.

It is possible that Intel could solve production problems before June 2019.
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