Lenovo and LG Display are preparing a tablet with a foldable 13-inch screen

Lenovo foldable screen

Already a number of companies, including the market leader Samsung, demonstrated prototypes of foldable devices, thus confirming the proximity to the implementation of plans for the release of the device in the new form factor.

Lenovo also does not hide the plans to create a folding smartphone, and, as reported by South Korean media, the Chinese company also intends to establish the production of a folding tablet, which will be used by LG display.

According to sources, Lenovo and LG Display ready to launch the first folding tablet with a 13-inch display manufactured by the South Korean company.

Such a 13-inch display when folded will have a size of only 9 inches diagonally at a ratio of 4:3, while for the format 16: 9 the size of the panel when folded will be 8 inches.

The device with such dimensions will not take up much space, which is convenient for everyday use. Given the fact that tablets are rarely used smartphones, plus them will not so often that it makes compact computers are more suitable for commercialization of these panels.

LG Display believes that due to its durability and performance, the foldable panel is more suitable for use in tablets or laptops than smartphones.

According to sources, LG Display also plans to supply 13-inch folding panels to Dell and LG Electronics.
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