Lenovo has taken more than a quarter of the PC market

Lenovo has taken more than a quarter of the PC market
Lenovo released its financial performance in the third quarter of the 2020/2021 fiscal year, which closed on December 31: revenue was a record $17.2 billion, which is almost a quarter (22 wacko more than the result of a year ago.

"Lenovo's strong growth has been driven by the rapid adaptation of its products to the new culture of working, learning, and entertaining from home, and investment in intelligent transformation has spurred new long — term growth opportunities," the report said.

Net income jumped 53 % to $395 million. Underlying earnings per share were 3.31 cents. It is noted that the financial indicators have become a record for the second quarter in a row.

Moreover, Lenovo reports a record high share in the personal computer market: the company took 25.3 % of the global industry. At the same time, high indicators were demonstrated in all regions.

Lenovo Mobile Business Group (MBG) has recovered from the effects of the pandemic and posted double-digit revenue growth compared to the same period the previous year. Moreover, the profitability of Lenovo MBG reached the highest level since the acquisition of Motorola.

The report also said that revenue from software and services sales jumped about 36% over the year to nearly $1.4 billion.
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