LG patented virtual reality glasses

LG patented virtual reality glasses
LG virtual reality glasses

The us patent and trademark office (USPTO) has issued a patent to LG, a South Korean company, for the design of a new wearable device.

As you can see in the illustrations, we are talking about virtual reality (VR) glasses. The device is equipped with a main module with two lenses, in the upper part of which there are control buttons.

The design of the gadget is close to the usual glasses. In particular, to keep on the head used quite thin arms. There is also a special emphasis for the bridge of the nose.

The patent belongs to the category of design, so the technical characteristics are not disclosed. However, it can be assumed that LG is considering the release of fully self-contained VR-glasses, which do not need an external computing node.

Note that the patent application was filed in July 2016, and the document was registered only this month. Whether LG is going to release a commercial device with the described design to the market is not yet clear.
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