Marshall Major IV wireless headphones

Marshall Major IV wireless headphones
Zound Industries introduced the Marshall Major IV wireless over-ear headphones. The new product has a number of interesting features, including more than three days of autonomy and the ability to charge both wired and wireless.

To be more precise, the claimed maximum battery life of the device is 80 hours. You can charge the device either by wire via the USB-C connector, or wirelessly using a compatible Qi charging standard. Moreover, you can make up for the lack of battery power in the Major IV with a smartphone that supports reverse wireless charging.

Zound says that the new product is more comfortable to wear than its predecessor, and the softer ear pads better match the contours of the ears. Changed the folding mechanism — due to this, when folded, the headphones are more compact. Despite the decent autonomy, the device can hardly be called heavy — the weight is 165 grams.

Marshall Major IV equipped with a proprietary joystick that allows you to turn on/off the device, switch songs and adjust the volume. There is also a standard 3.5 mm Jack, and it can be used in two ways: connect to a sound source by wire if the built — in battery is dead, or if the Major IV is connected to a sound source via Bluetooth, connect other headphones or sound sources to the device by wire- and "share" music in this way.

Interestingly, unlike its predecessor Major III Voice, there is no built-in smart assistant Google Assistant. The active noise reduction system is also not mentioned.

The new product will go on sale on October 14. The price has already been announced: $149, £129 or €149 depending on the country or region.
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