Micron plans to release 3D Xpoint SSD and DIMM modules

Micron plans to release 3D Xpoint SSD and DIMM modules
At the Sanford C. Bernstein Operational Decisions Conference, Micron announced that it has plans to develop SSD and DIMM modules based on 3D XPoint technology. Formally, this is a direct bid to compete with Intel Optane in a couple of years, when Micron launches its 3D XPoint product series.

According to Micron CFO Dave Zinsner, the company will continue to create a portfolio for 3D XPoint. he also noted that this technology will be very popular in the field of artificial intelligence. Micron currently produces 3D XPoint for Intel Optane PMem 200 products and Micron X100 solid-state drives, introduced in October 2019.

In the next couple of years, Micron plans to launch its own second-generation 3D XPoint drives, as well as 3D xpoint DIMMs. According to Dave Zinsner, Micron still doesn't have significant revenue in this segment, other than the 3D XPoint wafers they sell to Intel. In addition, 3D XPoint's production lines are under-loaded, which directly affects Micron's costs.
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