Microsoft Outlook service crashed around the world

Microsoft Outlook service crashed around the world
In the Network, there were messages about the global shutdown of the Microsoft Outlook email service. The failure affected the Outlook web service, website as well as desktop and mobile apps.

The glitch started at around 9:00 GMT today, and Microsoft has already confirmed that it affected the company's email operations worldwide. Currently, Outlook users do not have access to their email correspondence, and the site it just doesn't load.

"We are collecting additional data about the affected infrastructure, which will help us investigate and determine the cause of the failure," Microsoft support said in a statement. It seems that the outage was caused by recent changes that Microsoft made. "We are reviewing recent changes to our service to determine the cause of the impact," the Microsoft 365 Status Twitter account said.

This is the second major failure of Microsoft services in less than a week. On Monday, users of Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, Teams and other services encountered problems in their work. Unlike other companies like Cloudflare, Microsoft doesn't fully disclose the root cause of the crashes, so we're unlikely to ever find out why there were problems with the Microsoft Outlook service during the week.
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