More details about support for Android apps in Windows 10

More details about support for Android apps in Windows 10
The Windows Central website shared details about support for Android applications in Windows 10. Microsoft will release a special tool that will allow developers to quickly port a program or game from a smartphone to computers. This project was named Project Latte.

Android developers will be able to almost automatically transfer their app to the Windows Store, the equivalent of Google Play for Windows 10. This is implemented through the Linux subsystem, which is already included in Windows 10.

Another question is whether developers will want to adapt the mobile app interface for Windows. After all, almost all programs or games for Android are designed for the smartphone screen, so you will have to work in a small window, or developers will still have to make changes to the project. But this way you can get a full-fledged client for Instagram on your computer.

Another problem may arise with Google services, which are linked to many Android applications. So, perhaps not all developers will be able to easily transfer their projects from smartphones to computers.

A Windows Central journalist said that support for Android apps is likely to appear in the fall update of Windows 10 in 2021. But Microsoft must first announce this at a separate presentation, so we will hear the first news much earlier.
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