Moto Z4 Play will be designed for the Moto Mod

Moto Z4 Play will be designed for the Moto Mod
Moto Z4 Play

Motorola has come a long way from being one of the most prominent brands in the field of mobile devices to being a lagging company in the mobile market. Now the brand is best known for its mid-and entry-level products, and the modular high-end z series has become unpopular. That doesn't mean Moto forgot about her. At least according to the leaks and renderings, the Moto Z4 Play will still support the Moto Mod.

Motorola's modular concept and implementation is definitely more practical than LG's, but still not particularly appealing. Perhaps this is due to the lack of interesting mods, including third-party accessories. However, Motorola remains true to this system, promising to continue to support it.

To Play Moto Z4 rendering visible a number of contacts in the lower part of the rear side of the apparatus. As part of the series, the smartphone must be compatible with all existing accessories of the Moto Mod series. Unfortunately, this also means that the phone should keep the same design and size (158 × 75 × 7.25 mm) as all Moto Z phones before it. However, some changes the company will make: in particular, the frame around the 6.2-inch screen will be smaller, and the top will be a neat keyhole.

Disappointing except that such a disappointing feature as a single rear camera. Although the Play models are mid-range in the Z series, even relatively simple devices are now equipped with dual cameras and offer features such as optical zoom. However, this drawback may be corrected by the release of special accessories Moto Mod.
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