Motorola introduced the most affordable smartphone

Motorola introduced the most affordable smartphone
Motorola has introduced the most affordable smartphone in the new line, which will be offered on the market for 119 euros.
The new product called Moto E7 will soon go on sale in Latin America, the Middle and far East, Asia and some European countries.

The display aspect ratio is the upper part of the smartphone display, a teardrop-shaped cutout was made, which houses the front 5 MP camera.

On the back side there is a square block with a dual camera and an led flash, which successfully imitates the third photo sensor.

The main camera received a 48 MP sensor, and it is complemented by a 2 MP photo module that serves to blur the background. A fingerprint scanner is installed below the main camera.

based on The Moto E7 processor MediaTek Helio G25. This chip is designed for low-cost smartphones. For example, it is installed in the most affordable device from Redmi.

The processor is supplemented with 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of permanent memory. The battery in the Moto E7 is set at 4,000 mAh. The new product is running a clean Android 10 operating system.
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