MSI on the basis of Z390 received the support of 128 GB memory

MSI on the basis of Z390

MSI has announced the compatibility of all its motherboards based on the Intel z390 logic set with 32 GB DDR4 SDRAM modules (with the organization 2048x8). Thus, the flagship lga1151v2 MSI boards, equipped with four DIMM slots, now allow you to install up to 128 GB of memory. There are no other boards with similar functionality on the market yet.

In the new JEDEC standard has a description for unbuffered DDR4 SDRAM storage capacity of 32 GB. By combining four of these modules in dual-channel mode, you can get a memory capacity of 128 GB, which is twice the maximum amount that was available for motherboards with four DIMM slots to date.

According to MSI, 128 GB of memory can now be installed in any of the company's 11 available motherboards based on the Intel z390 logic set. Compatibility with 32-Gigabyte modules is implemented through BIOS updates. The correct version of firmware has been released for all boards in the period from November to January.

At the same time, MSI does not give clear recommendations as to which modules should be used with its boards. The official compatibility list on the company's website does not yet indicate any 32-Gigabyte DDR4 SDRAM module. But the company published a screenshot showing the work of 128 GB of memory on the Board MPG Z390 Gaming Plus with a set of four 32-Gigabyte ddr4-2666 modules manufactured by Hyundai Electronics.

It is also worth Recalling that in the autumn of last year began to produce 32 GB unbuffered memory modules Samsung. They are based on the new 16-Gigabit chips produced by 1x-nm technological standards. Samsung modules are also designed for operation in DDR4-2666 mode.
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