MSI revealed the characteristics of Trident X compact gaming PC

MSI Trident X

MSI has released the technical specifications of the gaming computer of a small form factor Trident X, which we reported last month.

The device is made in a case of approximately 10 liters size. The front panel is decorated with multi-color RGB-backlight.

The maximum configuration involves the use of an Intel Core I9-9900K processor. This chip has eight compute cores and multithreading technology allows up to sixteen instruction threads to be processed simultaneously. The clock frequency reaches 5 GHz.

The video subsystem uses a powerful discrete NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti accelerator. It is allowed to install a fast solid-state drive.

The MSI Silent Storm system is responsible for cooling. It provides efficient heat removal from key components at a relatively low noise level.

The set of interfaces includes USB 3.0 and USB Type-C ports, HDMI, etc.Windows 10 operating system is used as a software platform.

"Trident X is one of the most beautiful computers we've ever built," notes MSI. The price starts from 2300 USD.
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