Mysterious' smartphone Xiaomi LEX release is coming

Xiaomi LEX

Network sources have published some information about two yet unrepresented Xiaomi smartphones — devices that appear under the names Mi MIX 3 and LEX.

It is known that the Mi MI 3 model will receive a retractable module with a camera at the top. This smartphone can boast of a completely frameless design and a fingerprint scanner in the display area.

The device is likely to support mobile networks of the fifth generation (5G). The device is credited with having a Snapdragon 845 processor , 6 or 8 GB of RAM and a flash module with a capacity of up to 256 GB.

As for the smartphone LEX, this model is shrouded in mystery. It is only known that the device, as well as Minix 3, will be equipped with a physical button Xiao AI to call a proprietary intelligent assistant. This key will be located on the side face of the case.

The timing of the announcement of new products is not reported. According to rumors, the smartphone may be unveiled this autumn.
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