Nemeio Keyboard

Nemeio Keyboard
Nemeio Keyboard

LDLC, a French company brought to the exhibition electronics Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 curious keyboard called Nemeio.

The novelty is equipped with display buttons with the possibility of individual settings. This idea is not new, but the creators of Nemeio decided to use the technology of electronic paper, and not, say, OLED-screens. It allowed to provide small power consumption (energy is spent only at the time of redrawing of symbols) and good readability of the image.

The buttons can display all sorts of layouts or, for example, specialized icons for working with a certain application (graphical editor, table processor, etc.).

The device is equipped with USB Type-a and USB Type-C ports and a Bluetooth adapter. Thanks to this, you can use the keyboard in wired and wireless modes. In the second case, the built-in battery provides power.

The buttons are configured using the accompanying software. Dimensions of new item are 304 × 179 × 11 mm.

Now the creators Nemeio prepare their offspring to the conclusion on the commercial market. Sales are planned to start this year, and the price will be from 300 to 500 us dollars.
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