New lawsuits against Facebook and Google in the US

New lawsuits against Facebook and Google in the US
According to the Wall Street Journal, soon the us Federal authorities will file new lawsuits against Facebook and Google, which will again be accused of violating antitrust laws.

According to available data, new antitrust lawsuits will be filed at the end of January next year, and in the process of their consideration, it will be studied what means the technology giants used to achieve leading positions in different segments of the Internet. The authorities intend to check the companies ' activities for possible abuse of their own position in the market. These abuses could have been used by Google to achieve a dominant position in the search and online advertising segments, and by Facebook in the social media segment.

The source says that the Federal trade Commission (FTC) is close to approving an antitrust lawsuit against Facebook. Instagram Facebook's purchase of the WhatsApp messenger and the Instagram social network has had an impact on competition in the social media segment as part of this trial.

It is noted that a coalition of state prosecutors led by the new York attorney General may file its own lawsuit against Facebook in Federal district court in early December. Another coalition of prosecutors, led by the Colorado attorney General, is preparing to file an antitrust lawsuit against Google in the coming weeks that will affect the company's search business.

Google and Facebook have denied charges of anti-competitive behavior, saying that the companies operate in highly competitive markets and their mostly free services benefit consumers.
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