NVIDIA blamed Samsung for shortage of video cards

NVIDIA blamed Samsung for shortage of video cards
The topic of lack of video cards is now usually discussed in conjunction with the products of both NVIDIA and AMD, but the first of the companies with the corresponding problem is struggling much longer than the competitor. The situation is unlikely to improve this quarter, and now NVIDIA is not shy to say that it is being let down by the supplier of silicon wafers with GPUs of the Ampere family.

We should not forget that NVIDIA's graphics processors are supplied by two companies at once: TSMC produces 7-nm chips for A100 computing accelerators, and Samsung produces 8-nm video game chips. The latter are now suffering from a shortage. NVIDIA representatives have not yet made any open comments on this topic, but the company's CFO Colette Kress said at the credit Suisse virtual conference that there is a shortage of silicon wafers with gaming - class GPUs. However, as the representative of NVIDIA added, this is not the only thing.

The company is making every effort to increase the production of GPUs, but the situation is unlikely to be corrected until the end of the quarter (in other words, until the end of January). Compounded by seasonal demand growth, NVIDIA's holiday season stretches from early October to early February, when Chinese consumers celebrate the New year. The chief financial officer of NVIDIA expects that in the next quarter, the company's revenue will still decrease relative to the current one, although this year all seasonal trends tended to be disrupted due to the pandemic.

The popular resource Gamers Nexus also contributed to the discussion of the shortage of video cards. He said, with reference to NVIDIA partners, that by the end of December, the largest batch of GeForce RTX 30xx family of video cards will be delivered to retail channels since their announcement. It is unlikely that this will eliminate the deficit, but some improvement in the situation with the availability of video cards should still be expected.
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