Nvidia blames Samsung for lack of video cards

Nvidia blames Samsung for lack of video cards
Information that Samsung may be to blame for the shortage of NVIDIA Ampere video cards appeared in October. Now it has been officially confirmed.

During an interview, NVIDIA CFO Colette Kress said that there is a shortage of silicon wafers with game-level GPUs. And they are released, as you know, by Samsung.

However, if you look at the situation with the new AMD cards and new-generation game consoles, there is the same or similar deficit, and Samsung has nothing to do with this.

At the same time, Kress added that the situation is unlikely to be corrected before the end of the financial quarter, that is, until the end of January. She didn't say anything about what would happen after January.

Separately, the source adds that by the end of December, retail chains expect the largest batch of GeForce RTX 3000 since the start of sales. However, given the meager first batches, it is unlikely that this will solve the problem of the deficit by at least half.
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