Panasonic invented a pocket for charging gadgets

Panasonic invented a pocket for charging gadgets
Panasonic pocket for charging gadgets

Panasonic announced an interesting development that will make it possible to replenish the energy supply of mobile devices away from the power grid or on the go.

New gadget called Kangaroo Charger is a special "electro-pocket", which can be mounted on clothes, bag, wall, window curtain, etc. Energy is generated by sunlight.

The main component of the new product is a special material of spherical photovoltaic cells, which is under development. To charge smartphones and other wearable gadgets you just need to put them inside your pocket.

Like other fabric, the unused pocket can be folded and removed for storage. Unlike heavy backup batteries and external chargers, the kangaroo pocket is virtually weightless and does not need daily recharging.

Panasonic development has already been awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2018 in the Category "design concept". It should be noted, however, that the creation of an unusual wearable charger has not yet been completed. Therefore, we are not talking about the release of its commercial version at the moment.
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