Panasonic starts selling the first mass-produced transparent OLED displays

Panasonic starts selling the first mass-produced transparent OLED displays
Transparent OLED display technology has finally reached consumers after nearly five years of demonstration at trade shows and conferences. Panasonic has announced the start of production of serial 55-inch transparent displays capable of displaying high-definition images. Distribution in retail networks of new displays will begin with the Asian region, Japan and Oceania in the first days of December this year.

Two versions of monitors with the same 55-inch diagonal, 16:9 aspect ratio and a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels will be launched on the market. The new product uses a self-luminous transparent OLED display that does not require illumination. The ultra-thin display panel, which is less than 1 cm thick in the display area, provides high transparency and displays high-quality images with bright colors.

The TP-55ZT110 modification has a special background dimming unit that can "turn" the panel into a standard TV that broadcasts high-quality images even in bright ambient light. The weight of the model is 14 kg, which is 6 kg more than in the TP-55ZT100 model, which does not have such a module.

Panasonic assumes that transparent displays can be used not only in everyday life, but also mainly to implement the unique features of the device in public places, such as shopping establishments or museums. It will be obvious to use transparent monitors in public transport to provide information about routes. Pricing details for the new transparent OLED displays have not yet been disclosed.
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