Photos of PlayStation 5 buy for thousands of dollars

Photos of PlayStation 5 buy for thousands of dollars
The launch of next-generation game consoles is accompanied by a variety of stories, often not very pleasant. The most impatient customers can become victims of fraud.

As it became known, under the guise of the PlayStation 5 on eBay today are sold empty boxes or just photos of the console. But it is worth noting that users who fell into this trap, just inattentively read the product description. In all cases, there was a mention that this is just a photo of the box or the box itself, but fans believed that this is the real PlayStation 5 console.

Given the growing number of such offers, e-Commerce site eBay has issued a statement condemning unscrupulous sellers who try to cash in on gamers. eBay is actively working to remove such products from the site.

Unfortunately, these offers appear faster than eBay can remove them. There are also several lots with lottery tickets that supposedly allow you to win the PlayStation 5.

But even with the sale of real PlayStation 5, the price of consoles in the secondary market today has soared several times amid a shortage.
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