Pioneer BDR-212V optical drive

Pioneer BDR-212V optical drive
Vinpower Digital, a company specializing in digital copying equipment, announced the release of an exclusive internal optical drive, created in collaboration with Pioneer. The new product is called Pioneer BDR-212V.

According to Vinpower, there is still a global demand for recordable 4.7 GB single-layer DVD-R and DVD+R media, also known as DVD5. However, most DVD recording drives on the market are not suitable for continuous recording of DVD5 in large volumes, as is required for duplication and replication. To address this shortcoming, Vinpower joined forces with Pioneer to create the Pioneer BDR-212V drive. As stated in the BDR-212V, " DVD±R recording functionality has been improved by significantly reducing the visibility of uneven symmetrical burn marks on the recordable side of the disc (also called Donut Rings), especially for popular single-layer DVD5 media." Vinpower is sure that due to the defect described above, the disks may not be readable on other drives. The BDR-212V drive provides a uniform and uniform image when recording over the entire area, regardless of whether a single disk or many copies are being recorded. Also noted is "particularly fine-tuning of the recording strategy" for the OPTODISC DVD line of media, which includes 16x DVD-R, 16x DVD+R, 8x DVD-R, and 8x DVD+R discs.
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