Processor cooling systems ID-Cooling Mega Coolers

Processor cooling systems ID-Cooling Mega Coolers
ID-Cooling has introduced the Mega Coolers family of processor cooling systems, which will include models compatible with the latest high-performance processors with a TDP of up to 280 watts. According to ID Cooling, they will appear on the market synchronously with AMD Ryzen 5000 (Vermeer) and Intel Core 11th generation (Rocket Lake) processors.

So far, there are only two models in the family. The SE-207-XT Black is designed for AMD AM4 processors and Intel LGA1200, 115x and 20xx processors. The SE-207-TRX Black model is only designed for AMD Ryzen Threadripper processors in the TR4 version. Both have the same design with two" towers " of aluminum plates and two fans. The SE-207-TRX is distinguished by its direct touch technology — copper heat pipes connecting the base to the radiator plates, the middle part directly contacts the processor cover. In the case of the SE-207-XT, the processor is contacted by a copper base through which the tubes pass.

120 mm fans are mounted on the radiators. There are two of them. The fan speed is adjustable in the range of 700-1800 rpm. At the same time, the air flow reaches 129.5 m3 / h, and the noise level does not exceed 35.2 dBA.

The dimensions of the SE-207-XT are 144 × 122 × 157 mm, and the dimensions of the SE-207-TRX are 140 × 122 × 157 mm. There is no information about prices yet.
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