Qualcomm is preparing a charging system Quick Charge

Qualcomm is preparing a charging system Quick Charge
Qualcomm Quick Charge

During the 4G/5G Summit event in Hong Kong, Qualcomm Technologies reported that the Quick Charge battery charging technology is currently supported by more than a thousand different products.

It is noted, in particular, that the Quick Charge system of a generation is implemented in more than 200 models of mobile devices, 100 controllers and 700 models of a wide variety of accessories.

The current Quick Charge 4 technology uses 18W of power. It is claimed that the device can be charged from zero to 50% in just 15 minutes.

Last summer, an improved Quick Charge 4+ system was introduced, which allows you to increase the charging speed by another 15 %. The function of dividing the charging current into two streams of Dual Charge is implemented.

As now reported, in 2019 Qualcomm plans to present a 32-watt version of the Quick Charge technology. It will get Triple Charge mode. It is expected that the system will significantly increase the battery charging speed compared to Quick Charge 4+.

Apparently, in the commercial market, the new fast charging technology debuts under the name Quick Charge 5.
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