Realme will get an oval rear camera

Realme will get an oval rear camera
Realme is currently considered the fastest growing smartphone manufacturer. The brand has reached shipments of 50 million devices in just over two years since its founding. However, the design of Realme smartphones is not their strongest point. Most models have the same appearance with a vertical or square camera module in the upper-left corner of the back panel and differ only in size and gradients. However, things may change soon.

According to informed sources, Realme intends to patent the design of the smartphone, which will look something like the picture above. A distinctive feature is the oval block of the rear camera in the center of the upper part of the back side of the case.

Otherwise, the design is standard by today's standards. The front panel contains quite wide frames, especially the "chin". This indirectly indicates that the proposed design option Realme intends to apply in a budget device. This is also indicated by the connector in the center of the lower end, which is very similar in outline to Micro-USB. At the top of the display is a round hole for the front camera. But it is not located exactly in the corner, but is slightly shifted to the right. The volume keys on the left, rather than on the right, as with most smartphones, also attract attention. However, this is normal practice for Realme.

Unfortunately, the Internet resource Gizmochina, which turned out to have a schematic image of an unknown realme smartphone, could not find information about it in the patent offices. The company may not have applied yet.
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