Redmi K40 will be a scarce smartphone

Redmi K40 will be a scarce smartphone
The so-called "chip shortage" has also reached smartphones. Qualcomm has already warned about the difficulties with the supply of single-chip systems in the first half of the year, and now the head of Redmi spoke on the same topic. There is nothing joyful in his words.

The president of Xiaomi Group China and the head of Redmi, Lu Weibing, complained on his Weibo page about what almost every top manager in the industry is now complaining about – the lack of chips: this was the reason for the interruptions in the supply of some Redmi K30 models in the home market. And, he said, the smartphone supply will be limited throughout 2021. And then the prospects of the Redmi K40 are completed by a Chinese source.

Redmi K40 promises to be the most affordable smartphone on Snapdragon 888, so high demand is guaranteed by itself. The second is the moment fueled by Redmi hype: the company is whipping up interest in the Redmi K40, further increasing demand. Well, the third factor is the very deficit, according to which the company is unlikely to be able to fill the warehouses with a new product to the top. If you add all three factors together, the conclusion is obvious: the Redmi K40 (and, most likely, the entire line of models) will be in short supply immediately after it goes on sale. Lucky for those who can place a pre-order. But what will happen to the retail sales of the new product-we can only guess.
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