Resellers earned $82 million on new products from AMD, Microsoft, NVIDIA and Sony

Resellers earned $82 million on new products from AMD, Microsoft, NVIDIA and Sony
Data engineer Michael Driscoll from the developer forum created a program to analyze the market for new processors and video cards from AMD and NVIDIA, as well as new-generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series game consoles. Using it, the specialist decided to find out how much this year speculators were able to earn on the resale of these goods.

The medium for analysis was eBay — one of the world's largest platforms that provide services in the areas of online auctions and online stores. Despite the fact that eBay is not the only place where speculators resell products at inflated prices, most of them are engaged in the sale of computer components AMD and NVIDIA here. The graphs obtained by Driscoll show not the actual prices, but the percentage difference between the recommended cost of the product, declared by the manufacturers themselves, and the actual cost of the product that is sold on the online platform.

Driscoll has been collecting data to analyze the GeForce RTX 30-series video card market since September 15. From that moment on, the GeForce RTX 3080 was sold on eBay almost instantly, even with a markup of 180 % of the recommended price of $699. As of October, the situation was even worse. On average, speculators sold video cards of this model with a margin of 220 %. By November, the situation "stabilized" and returned back to the state of September-cards were offered at a markup of 180 %. Now this model is on average sold for $1250.

A similar situation was observed with the flagship GeForce RTX 3090 graphics accelerator. From the start of sales, speculators put a 220% markup on the new product with a recommended cost of $1499. At the moment, the mark-up for this model is on average 140 %. The average current offer price is $2017.
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