Ryzen Controller opens the way to overclocking AMD Ryzen mobile processors

Ryzen Controller opens the way to overclocking AMD Ryzen mobile processors
A group of programmers Ryzen Controller Team, not related to AMD, introduced the program Ryzen Controller, designed to adjust the voltage and overclocking of mobile processors Ryzen. In fact, this SOFTWARE is an unofficial adaptation for mobile processors of the official Ryzen Master application designed for desktop processors.

The enthusiast app supports most AMD mobile chips in the Ryzen 2000 (Raven Ridge), Ryzen 3000 (Picasso), and Ryzen 4000 (Renoir) series. It should be noted that the developers provide the application "as is", that is, all the consequences of manipulating it are borne by users.

Ryzen Controller allows you to fine-tune the computing and graphics blocks of AMD hybrid processors. For example, the user can set the operating temperature limit of the processor, the voltage applied to it, as well as manually adjust the frequency of operation. In other words, using the application, the user can achieve greater performance from the mobile processor or reduce its power consumption, thereby increasing the time of offline operation of the laptop, as well as reducing the noise level of the cooling system.

The program allows you to save user profiles and change them on the fly, depending on the tasks that need to be completed at a given time. It should be added that Ryzen Controller works not only with Windows 10-the application also supports working in the environment of Linux distributions, such as Debian and Red Hat.
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