Samsung Galaxy S21 will get a fast fingerprint scanner

Samsung Galaxy S21 will get a fast fingerprint scanner
A well-known network informant under the nickname Ice Universe, who often shares exclusive information about new products in the mobile industry, published a series of messages dedicated to the important improvement of the upcoming flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S21.

Good news, Samsung Galaxy S21 will get an improved ultrasonic under-screen fingerprint scanner. This is the first upgrade since the Samsung Galaxy S10.- Ice Universe

He recalled that the ultrasonic under-screen fingerprint scanner has dimensions of 4 x 9 mm, while the new fingerprint sensor has dimensions of 8 x 8 mm. The speed of fingerprint recognition has been doubled, according to inasyder. He added that users of the Samsung Galaxy S21 will not need to hold their finger on the screen for fingerprint recognition. A quick touch will be enough.

A really important improvement of the Samsung Galaxy S21. the Smartphone will get a large and fast fingerprint scanner
The standard version of the Samsung Galaxy S21 with the model number SM-G991U has appeared in the database of the us Federal communications Commission (FCC). Certification confirmed that the smartphone supports 25-watt wired charging, in addition, Samsung Galaxy S21 supports reverse wireless charging of other gadgets at 9 watts.

You should listen to the words of this insider, as he has provided reliable information about new products many times. He was the first to accurately predict the appearance of smartphones with waterfall screens on the market, and also predicted the announcement of Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha with an encircling screen. This person also repeatedly proved that he has connections in various companies and leaked information not only about the design of smartphones, but also about new image sensors and other equipment.
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