Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 tests

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 tests
Well-known smartphone strength tester Zack Nelson (Zack Nelson) published on his channel JerryRigEverything in YouTube a long-awaited video in which he tested the strength of the latest flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2.

Samsung's most modern flagship turned out to be virtually unkillable. Impressive test of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2
The first Galaxy Fold could be quite easily damaged, not only because of its flexible screen, but also because of the hinge mechanism, which easily penetrates dust and small debris. Samsung has done a lot of work on the bugs, with Zach Nelson confirming that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 has a much better design.

The external 6.2-inch display is protected by glass, which corresponds to 6 points on the Mohs scale. The flexible 7.6-inch screen is covered with a protective film on which scratches can be left even with a fingernail if desired, but when folded, the screen is protected by the case, and in real use you are unlikely to want to push the screen specifically.

Zach Nelson put small rocks and sand on the main screen and closed and opened the smartphone several times. The improved hinge did not allow debris to get inside the case, so the smartphone will easily survive a fall in the sand.
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