Samsung introduces a line of affordable Fan Edition flagships

Samsung introduces a line of affordable Fan Edition flagships
Yesterday, the South Korean company Samsung officially announced the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE smartphone, in the name of which the letters FE stand for Fan Edition. In fact, the smartphone is considered the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, but the manufacturer decided to abandon the use of the Lite line in favor of the Fan Edition.

Samsung is positioning the Galaxy S20 FE as a flagship device, so there shouldn't be any Lite in its name. In addition, at yesterday's press conference, Samsung confirmed that the company will continue to release new devices in the Fan Edition line in the next few years.

This means that Samsung intends to adhere to the developed strategy, that is, the company will launch the main flagship line at the beginning of the year, and in about six months a more interesting version will appear on the market, which should become smaller.

In order to reduce the price, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE USES a plastic back cover and a flat display. But the smartphone is offered in a variety of colors.
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