Samsung Neon's "artificial people" already work on smartphones

Samsung Neon's
At CES 2020, Samsung announced a product called Neon, which the South Korean manufacturer dubbed " artificial man." The description on the official website States that it is "a virtual creature created using calculations that looks and behaves like us." Now it has been announced that Neon will be available on smartphones by the end of the year.

The announcement was made on Twitter By Pranav Mistry, CEO of STAR (Samsung Technology and Advanced Research) Labs. He shared photos of the Neon Frame device, which "transports Neon to the real world.

After that, a well-known insider under the nickname Ice Universe, who often publishes reliable information about Samsung's new products, asked pranav Mistry when Neon will appear on smartphones. In response, Mistry said that Neon is already running on his smartphone. At the moment, the Neon project is undergoing testing, and ordinary smartphone users will be able to meet "artificial people" in person before Christmas.

Neon is not a voice assistant or robot. Rather, it is a video chat with a computer person that looks as realistic as possible. The developers note that communication with such "artificial people" will be brought to a completely new level compared to traditional personal assistants, and the time to search for information and the correct answer from Neon is only a few milliseconds.
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