Samsung showed a smartphone with a flexible display Infinity Flex

Samsung Infinity Flex

At the annual developer conference (SDC 2018), Samsung showed its first smartphone with a flexible display. The company announced a new Flex Infinity display and new One UI.

As expected, Samsung did not present a flexible smartphone, but instead demonstrated its prototype with a flexible OLED panel Infinity Flex Display. In addition to the folding display, the device is equipped with a conventional screen located on the other side.

The flexible Infinity Flex screen folds vertically so that the user gets a device with a large display that can be folded and fit in his pocket. When opened, the smartphone turns into a tablet with a 7.3-inch display.

And here comes the One UI interface. Samsung has worked closely with Google and Android developers to create a new user-friendly interface. A key feature of this shell will be the ability to work with it with one hand, for which all the necessary applications and features will be concentrated at the bottom of the screen.

But at the same time, the new user interface makes optimal use of the entire area of the large display. When the smartphone is in the expanded state, the user interface goes into a kind of tablet mode, which gives more freedom of action. For example, One UI allows you to open up to three apps at once to make the most of a large, collapsible dashboard.
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