Samsung will make the whole screen work as a fingerprint scanner

Samsung fingerprint scanner

The office of the United States patent and trademark office (USPTO) published patent application of Samsung to the new technology of identification of users of mobile devices.

The document is called "method for obtaining biometric information and electronic device with its support" (Method for acquiring biometric information and electronic device supporting the same). The application was filed in April this year.

We are talking about the recognition of users by fingerprints. At the same time, the South Korean giant offers to use the entire display area of the smartphone for scanning.

It is assumed that such a fingerprint sensor will be controlled by a special microchip. The scanning of the imprint is invited to perform three times with the aim of increasing accuracy.

The illustrations accompanying the document show the different designs of the cell phones with a new type of fingerprint scanner. One of the pictures shows a smartphone with a small cutout at the top of the display.

About when Samsung can implement the proposed technology in practice, while nothing is reported.
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