Samsung with 5G support got a completely new design

Samsung with 5G support got a completely new design
Modern Samsung series And easy to identify by the vertical rectangular unit cell, but in his new mid-level model – Galaxy A32 5G company went a completely different stylistic way: General block no – each of the three main modules are presented individually with a small ledge above the surface. The fourth module is more modestly designed: it is made flush with the back surface to the right of the main block. This camera looks much fresher than the camera of the same Galaxy A31. However, if the design seems familiar to you, then this is not surprising: the LG Velvet and LG Q92 5G cameras are made in the same style.

If the back panel looks new for Samsung, then there is nothing new in the performance of the screen: the front camera is placed in a teardrop-shaped cutout. However, in the Galaxy A32 5G, this cutout is not as pronounced as in the Galaxy A31.

These renderings were published by reliable insider Steve Hemmerstoffer (Steve Hemmerstoffer), known on Twitter under the nickname OnLeaks. He has repeatedly published renderings of unreleased smartphones, which were then fully confirmed officially. So the reliability of this leak does not cause any questions – the serial Galaxy A32 5G will look as shown in the renderings. Perhaps only some small things will change.
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