Scientists of Amsterdam started creating a quantum Internet

Scientists of Amsterdam started creating a quantum Internet
This year, for the first time, there was widespread talk about creating a global quantum network — in fact, a quantum Internet. The task goes far beyond the already familiar data encryption using distributed quantum keys. In the future, the quantum Internet should provide even distributed quantum computing. This project was launched in the United States in the summer, and recently in the Netherlands.

The development of a quantum network for the Randstad agglomeration in Amsterdam will be jointly carried out by the communication operator KPN, the Association of Dutch educational and research institutions SURF and OPNT (optical positioning, navigation and synchronization). They will implement the project of the Alliance of the best sectors of innovation and knowledge (TKI), and the overall management of the project will be transferred to the Dutch research group QuTech. The QuTech group, we recall, is supplied with elements of quantum computers by Intel.

The project presented should lead to the creation of a quantum network in part of Amsterdam. In other words, it should end with the creation of a prototype segment of the quantum Internet. The network will connect quantum processors to each other via optical channels to exchange quantum bits or qubits to provide distributed processing. But at first, more prosaic tasks will be solved: quantum data encryption, positioning confirmation, synchronization, and more.

Among other things, as reported in the press release, the project aims to lead to new methods, ideas and standards that will make the quantum network closer. Obviously, this is still the most realistic of the goals set for the project. There will be a lot of new and interesting things.

"Every day we work to find answers to the question of how network operators such as KPN or SURF can deploy a quantum network and what services they can offer to their users. Although we are still at an early stage of development, we are already building the quantum Internet ecosystem of the future, working with key partners. This ecosystem will be crucial as our quantum network will turn into a full-fledged quantum Internet, " said Wojciech Kozlowski, a qutech postdoc and responsible for one of the work packages in the TKI project.
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