Sharp has officially entered the OLED display market

Sharp has officially entered the OLED display market
Sharp OLED

As reported by Reuters, on Wednesday at a special event in Tokyo, the CEO of the Japanese company Sharp announced the introdution of the manufacturer to the OLED-display market. Earlier, industrial sources reported that Sharp began mass production of OLED for smartphones in June. In Germany, for example, the company brought a smartphone with 6.2-inch OLED under the code name Johnny (model 801SH) to the IFA 2018 exhibition. However, while officials declare the absence of signed contracts for the supply of OLED to customers. The first sharp smartphones with OLED screens will go to Japan.

The company admitted that the introduction of OLED screens into production has passed with significant difficulties. The event was more expensive than it was thought. Moreover, the owner of Sharp Foxconn did not fulfill its promise to spend 200 billion yen on the development of OLED production lines of the Japanese Sharp plant. Instead, only 57.4 billion yen or about $505 million was allocated for these purposes, in Other words, Sharp received less than a third of the promised investments for the stated purposes.

At the same time, Sharp believes that the OLED market for smartphones has not yet reached its peak. Due to the high cost of OLED displays, the demand for them in the world is growing at a declining pace. For the company, this is a positive moment, as it leaves time to reduce the gap both from Samsung and LG. In a similar situation is another Japanese manufacturer of OLED — the Japan Display company. The release of OLED on its lines Japan Display will start only next year. The Japanese have lagged behind the Koreans, but hope to catch up or it will have Chinese companies, which also expect to take its OLED market, but much later.
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