Silverstone Raven-Z compact case with RGB backlight

Silverstone Raven-Z compact case with RGB backlight
Silverstone Raven-Z

SilverStone has introduced a new version of its compact Raven-Z case with the model number RVZ03-ARGB. The novelty almost completely repeats the original model presented in the spring of 2017. The main difference is the new pixel (addressable) RGB-backlight, which can be connected to the motherboard and more finely tuned using the appropriate utilities from under the operating system.

The product is made in the form factor SFF (Small Form Factor) and characterized by the dimensions 382 x 105 x 350 mm and it weighs about 4 kg. Volume Raven-Z is 14 liters. Despite its compact size, the case can accommodate quite large components.

In addition to the motherboard size Mini-DTX or Mini-ITX, the novelty is able to accept a graphics card with a height of two expansion slots and a length of up to 330 mm, a CPU cooling system up to 83 mm and a power supply ATX up to 150 mm.there is inside Raven-Z and space for three 2.5-inch storage devices.

The Raven-Z enclosure supports the installation of three 120mm fans, two of which are already pre-installed by the manufacturer. These complete fans have a rotation speed of 1500 rpm, and their noise level does not exceed 18 dBA.

In the front part you can find two USB 3.0 ports, headphone and microphone jacks. The case is available in white and black. Vertical and horizontal placement is allowed, so that users can optimally organize the working space or area in the living room.
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