Sony is working on two versions of the next-generation PlayStation VR

Sony is working on two versions of the next-generation PlayStation VR
The Internet has information about two new devices from the PlayStation VR family-a helmet and virtual reality glasses. The helmet will have a tactile recoil.

Information about patents with visual images of upcoming devices was discovered by LetsGoDigital journalists at the us patent office. They describe a helmet and virtual reality glasses. The patent belongs to Steven Osman, head of PlayStation Magic Lap and a leading software engineer at Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The image shows that the helmet will be attached in the standard way for Sony-a bow that encircles the head. However, the most interesting thing is the presence of the haptic module. It is not known whether it will be used in games, but, according to the assumptions of journalists, at least if the player put on the helmet incorrectly, the vibration motors will send tactile signals. This is indicated by the presence of pressure sensors, the image is marked with the letter P (Pressure, Rus. - Pressure) and the motion sensor (ACC). In fact, adjusting the fit of a virtual reality helmet is an extremely important function — because, as a rule, users can sit in it for several hours. If the helmet puts a lot of pressure on the head, or, conversely, sit too freely-this can bring discomfort in the form of neck strain or headache.

Unfortunately, there are not many details about the second device in the published image — virtual or augmented reality glasses that will be held on the head with the help of shackles. However, they also have a pressure sensor on the edge of the shackles.

According to other rumors, the PlayStation VR 2 may get a built-in battery that provides up to 5 hours of battery life, eye tracking technology and a 120 Hz display refresh rate.

The release date of the device is currently unknown. Presumably, the second generation of PlayStation VR may be released a year or two after the release of the PlayStation 5. The estimated cost is 350 euros.
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