Sony started blocking PS5 user accounts

Sony started blocking PS5 user accounts
Sony has started actively blocking accounts in the Playstation Network (PSN) service for trying to resell the opportunity to get free access to collectible games from the PS Plus Collection.

Information about blocking PSN accounts appeared on gaming forums. Previously, Sony provided PS Plus Collection subscribers who became PlayStation 5 owners with a free opportunity to play 20 additional games, such as God of War, the Last of Us Remastered, Bloodborne and Resident Evil 7, on the previous generation PlayStation 4 console, by activating this service on the PS5. This allowed family members and friends of the PS5 owner to participate in game battles on the already outdated PlayStation model.

However, the free service has prompted some "enterprising" PS5 owners to attempt to generate non-labor income by providing a paid service for outsider PS4 owners. The network mentions the cost of such a "service", which was only $ 8. Record holders of dubious business registered up to 50 PS4 accounts, which was noticed by Sony, which opened the hunt for"network businessmen".

The punishment from Sony affects both parties, both those who sell access to the PS Plus Collection, and buyers who want to get cheap access to high-quality games. The accounts of sellers who own PlayStation 5 will be blocked forever, and buyers, for educational purposes, receive a ban on the account for only two months.
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